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The Platform e-Coaching for Health & Wellbeing is an initiative that stems from collaborations around conferences and research projects within the "Healthy Lifestyle Solutions" research program, in which academic researchers work together with their partners in industry to investigate and develop new scientifically grounded and ethically appropriate possibilities for using e-coaching to improve wellbeing by helping individuals change their health behaviors. For some of the key principles of that research program, see the White Paper: Healthy Lifestyle Solutions

The Platform eCHW aims to provide a network for connecting researchers and product developers in this domain.

This site also contains information about the conference held in February, 2017 in Amsterdam.

Healthier lifestyles

The Platform eCHW is concerned with (the combination of human and) automatic coaching to support people in adopting a healthier lifestyle, involving their physical activity, sleep and eating behavior and stress level.


The Platform eCHW focuses on e-coaching elements that are common for these application areas, including the use of sensors and software methodology, ethical and societal aspects, and ways to persuade people to comply.

Prospective Activities

The Platform eCHW will be developing a range of activities, including lectures and workshops aimed at addressing principles of behavioral modification, monitoring technologies, design of expert systems, ethics of persuasion, etc., with applications to domains such as weight control, sleep deprivation, and exercise.

Founding members of the platform

Jaap Ham

Technical University Eindhoven

Michel Klein

VU University Amsterdam

Robbert Jan Beun

Utrecht University

Joel Anderson

Utrecht University

Joyce Westerink

Philips Research

Anne Roefs

Maastricht University

Program of the 2017 eCHW conference

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Thursday January 26 th Friday January 27 th
10:00 Registration and coffee 09:15 Guided tour
10:30 Jaap Ham
09:45 Registration and coffee
Session 1, chair: Joyce Westerink Session 4, chair: Anne Roefs
10:35 Keynote 1: Paschal Sheeran
Reception, Motivation, Application (REMAP)
New Approaches to Problems in Behavior Change
10:15 Keynote 4: Denny Borsboom
Personalized Network Analysis
11:15 Simon Provoost, Jeroen Ruwaard, Koen Neijenhuijs and Heleen Riper
Improving Adherence to EMA with Visual Feedback
Bart Kamphorst, Sanne Nauts, Denise de Ridder and Joel Anderson
Too Depleted to Turn in: The Relevance of End-of-Day Resource Depletion for e-Coaching Aimed at Reducing Bedtime Procrastination
11:40 Corine Horsch, Jaap Lancee, Robbert Jan Beun, Mark Neerincx and Willem-Paul Brinkman
The Downward Spiral of Ambivalence - Doubts About Insomnia, CBT, and a Pre-Treatment Motivation Module
11:25 Hendrika G. van Lier, Oberhagemann, Stroes, Enewoldsen, Pieterse, Schraagen, Postel, Vollenbroek-Hutten, deHaan, Noordzij
Evaluating Design Decisions for an Observational Real Time Alcohol Craving Study Using Physiological and Psychological Measures
12:05 Mieke Kleppe and Erik de Vries
Assessing Digital Skills in Healthcare and Well-Being Professionals
11:50 Fiemke Griffioen-Both, Robbert Jan Beun, Siska Fitrianie, Sandor Spruit, Corine Horsch and Jaap Lancee
Shared Decision Making in Automated e-Coaching - SleepCare a Mobile Insomnia Treatment
12:30 Poster pitches 12:15 Poster pitches
12:45 Lunch, Posters, and Demonstrations
12:30 Lunch, Posters, and Demonstrations

Session 2, chair: Michel Klein
Session 5, chair: Joel Anderson
13:45 Keynote 2: Susan Michie
Drink Less: An Evidence-Based Alcohol-Reduction Smartphone App
13:30 Keynote 5: Tillmann Vierkant
E-Coaching and Willpower Muscle Atrophy: Does Reliance on Self-Regulation Technology Bypass the Agency of Users?
14:30 Coffee break 14:15 Lisette van Gemert-Pijnen
Data Driven Persuasive Coaching: Challenges for Personalized Health
Session 3, chair: Jaap Ham 14:45 Coffee break
15:00 Anne Roefs & Gerasimos Spanakis
Think Slim - The Intervention: Posttreatment Results

Session 6, chair: Robbert Jan Beun
15:15 Robbert Jan Beun
Sleep Well with SleepCare: The Role of e-Coaching in Insomnia Therapy
Heleen Rutjes , Martijn C. Willemsen, Elisabeth T. Kersten - van Dijk, Boris de Ruyter and Wijnand A. IJsselsteijn
Better Together: Opportunities for Technology in Health Coaching From the Coach's Perspective
15:30 Michel Klein
Stimulating Physical Activity Among Young Adults:
The Active2Gether System
Rim Helaoui, Koen de Groot, Aki Harma and Arlette van Wissen
Life-Style Optimized Intervention Plan for Physical Activity Coaching
15:45 Joel Anderson
Second-Order Health Procrastination
Aldert Nooitgedagt, Robbert Jan Beun and Frank Dignum
e-Coaching Intensive Cardiac Rehabilitation: A Requirement Analysis
16:00 Keynote 3: Reinder Haakma
The Role of Wearable Sensor Technology in Healthy Lifestyle Promotion
Keynote 6: Timothy Bickmore
Coaching to Death
16:45 Jaap Ham
Day Closure
Michel Klein
Conference Closure
18:30 Conference Dinner

Key note speakers

Click on the pictures to read the abstract and find out more about our keynote speakers

Paschal Sheeran

University of North-Carolina

Susan Michie

University College London

Reinder Haakma

Philips Research

Denny Borsboom

University of Amsterdam

Tillmann Vierkant

University of Edinburgh

Timothy Bickmore

Northeastern University

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